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Clubs & Festivals

1993 to 2007


India : Goa : 9Bar

Japan : Tokyo : Yellow Club

Hong-Kong : Tonnochy Night Club 

Malaysia and Singapore : Zouk



Paris : La main Bleue, La Piscine, La 5ieme Avenue,

         Le Club des Champs, Le Queen, Le Palace,

         Les Bains Douches ,...!

Montpellier: Le YAKA

Perpignan : Le SCORP


Copenhagen: Manifest Fetish Fest, Park Café


Aarhus: Train, Den Sidst Café, Muzikkafé,

The Mythique Café COFFEE and SILVER




Sitges: Pacha

Barcelona: La Paloma, Sonar festival*, 

Benidorm: SPACE, Magic Garden, Privilege, Fun Factory

Cullera: TRIPLEX

SanSebastian: ITZELA

Bilbao & Pampelona


Greece: Mykonos, Athens, Rodos, Creta, Zakynthos

Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden

DJ TygA - BIO (fr)

 DJ TygA is a passionate DJ who has been in love with music since a young age. With a unique style and memorable sets, he has become one of the most recognized figures in the underground electronic scene.

DJ TygA began his career as a DJ more than 40 years ago, when he was mixing sets on the radio or at parties with his friends. His love for music led him to perfect and perform in clubs in the Paris region, before expanding internationally.

 As a DJ between 1986 and 2004, he played in renowned clubs such as El Divino in Ibiza, ZOUK in Singapore and 9 Bar in VAGATOR (India), Itzela in San Sebastian.


He has also been invited to perform at several music festivals, such as:

1995-96-99 the Festival of -advanced music and multimedia art-, festival better known as Sonar in Spain. DJ TygA is also known for his music productions, with several notable releases on renowned labels such as In The House Records, Corrupt Records and Sony Entertainment Scandinavia.


DJ TygA is known for his unique style that mixes sounds of house, techno, with a personal touch of his own. He carefully prepares his sets, carefully choosing the pieces he will play to create an atmosphere that transports his audience. He doesn't really like to interact with his audience during his sets, he is able to read the atmosphere of the crowd and he adapts to their expectations.

Dj TygA is, for his age, 62 years old, very active on social networks, using Instagram and Facebook to share his news, his new productions on BANCAMP. He interacts with his fans by answering their questions and sharing moments of life.

 DJ TygA is an accomplished and very talented professional artist, who has come a long way since his debut in 1981. His passion for music shines through in each of his sets and productions, making him one of the respected figures of the electronic scene. If you have the chance to see him in concert, get ready to live a great musical experience